Course title: 21st Century Skills – Sustainability


Short Description:

Learn the basics about Sustainability


The course contains of 3 modules:
1) Introduction to Sustainability (what does Sustainability means? Why is it important)
2) How can teaching build on Sustainability?
3) How can Sustainability be taught in class?
Each module will take approximately 1 hour, and you will find that it contains online time and time for actions and reflections (self-directed learning)
Through each module you will be introduced to important topics.
The learning objectives for this course are:
• Learn about the Sustainability Goals
• Gain inspiration and learn about possibilities how to bring sustainability into class
• Learn about ways in which fellow teachers can work with teaching styles fostering a sustainable mindset

When you have gone through this course you will be able to:
• Explain the sustainable mindset and why it is important to bring this mindset into class
• Develop ways in which Sustainability can be implemented in your area of teaching
• Provide knowledge to fellow teachers and inspire them to work with new teaching styles

Course Lessons:

Module 1: Introduction to Sustainability

Module 2: How can teaching build on Sustainability?

Module 3: How can sustainability be taught in class?