The elearning Toolkit platform was created in order to offer an educational tool that will stand out for its pedagogical structure.


The idea is for the platform to have tools that help online education while creating an online classroom for in-depth communication and interaction. For this purpose, the e-learning Toolkit has as its main pillars: the course (the lesson) and the class (the classroom).


The user of the e-learning Toolkit platform has access to all the courses he is enrolled for as long as he has a subscription to each one of them. Νavigation in the material of each lesson is done through a structure that transfers the logic of the book (sections, chapters, subchapters, etc.) in a modern online environment. The user has the ability to read texts, see pictures and videos, presentations and interactive maps and of course to practice and be evaluated through exercises.


The platform has the possibility of closed and open type exercises. The closed type exercises are exercises such as multiple choice, filling in the blanks, etc. In these exercises the student completes the answers and then sees the grade and corrections of the wrong choices. Open-ended exercises are developmental questions in which the teacher of each lesson receives the student’s answers and has the ability to answer and grade them.


In lesson planning the teacher can choose to create a self-learning lesson in which the student does not need the presence of a teacher. In this design the student enters the course to read his/her lesson. the exercises in which he/she participates are closed type, so he/she can complete the lesson on his/her own in his/her own time.

The most complete use of the e-learning Toolkit, however, comes with the use of the classroom. The student enrolls in a course with other students and together they form a class. In the classroom, the teacher and the students communicate with each other. Thoughts, educational resources, announcements, and assignments can be shared. Thus, an educational community is created in which learning takes place in groups.


The e-learning Toolkit platform is easy and pedagogically structured for the student, but the same goes for the teacher who creates educational content on the platform and then manages the students, the exercises, and the classroom. In a simple way, it is possible to create e-learning content while Action Synergy provides continuous technical and educational support throughout your collaboration with it.

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