Thematic area Course Subject & Small Description Languages
Agricultural Development AGRO CASSAVA Train the youth workers in Africa in the production of Cassava
Agricultural Development ECOLIVE Production of Organic olive oil.
Bullying & Gang crime EUGANGS Vocational / professional qualification for those working in Gang and Youth Crime environments across Europe.
Citizenship Education EAR Forming active European Citizens through the dialectical method and theater.
Citizenship Education MEDIACT Innovative combination of three thematic pillars, namely: 1) peace building and conflict transformation, 2) youth work, 3) media (mass, alternative and social media)
Creativity & Culture AESOP Develop the capacities of youth workers to utilize story-telling techniques
Creativity & Culture MEMORY Build the capacity of Youth Workers through the Identification, Valorization and Promotion of Local Collective Memory.
Creativity & Culture CLEAR Introduce a new innovative method that will make use of theatre techniques in order to make more attractive the teaching of the school subjects in the elementary school.
Entrepreneurship & Business DIVET Develop the skills of young people interested to work in the field of internet based and social media exports.
Entrepreneurship & Business e-EMPORIO Increase of the exporting activity of the SMEs.
Entrepreneurship & Business SMALL ENTERPRISES Entrepreneurship & Business development for SMEs.
Entrepreneurship & Business EAPPREN Increase the quality and the quantity of apprenticeship in Europe (with a particular geographical focus in East and South-East Europe)
Environmental Protection NIREAS Improvement of education and training in the field of wastewater treatment.
Environmental Protection DRYMOS Promote innovation in the forestry sector by promoting new skills and new jobs for forest workers in Europe.
Language Learning LANG UP Keep as many languages from going extinct.
Language Learning GLOSSA 1 e-learning course and relevant resources for the B1 levels of the Greek language.
Language Learning GLOSSA 2 e-learning course and relevant resources for the C1 & C2 levels of the Greek language.
Language Learning MMLT Montessori Methodology in Language Training.
People with disabilities STARTUP Developed an e-learning course focusing on the issue of entrepreneurship from people with disabilities.
People with disabilities e-SUNET The course aims to develop a network and supporting material in order to support the families of the people with disability through distance learning.
Social Inclusion ROMA T&T Deals with the issue of the absence of pre-school education for the Roma children.
Social Inclusion DIVERSE Promote and manage effectively diversity in their schools
Social Inclusion DRAMA FOR YOUNG REFUGEES Provide a fictional drama structure for young refugees in transition to adult status to explore their fears, the difficulties.
Social Inclusion SEDIN Creative Methods for Successful Inclusion in Multicultural Schools which aims to promote the use of the Montessori and Creative Learning methods.
Social Inclusion EFIVOS Empower young migrants to run and manage their own electronic newspaper and thus take media in their own hands.
Sports ATHLISI Promotion of social integration through the training of the coaches and sport clubs.
Tourism CULVET Develop the VET offer in order to prepare highly qualified professionals for the cultural tourism sector.
Environmental Protection Change the Change Climate Change as a Challenge for Adult Education
Tourism DisArTy Restoring Disaster Area through Community Based Tourism
People with disabilities EFE The project will develop practical and theoretical tools to support disabled people in the workplace.
Social Inclusion ANTIGONE The effective raising of awareness related with gender-based violence from the school age.
Citizenship Education STEAM Αpplication of theatre methods for the teaching of the school curriculum
Entrepreneurship & Business CSR2VET CSR2VET is a project which aims to promote CSR as a methodology for improving the VET sector. It also aims to increase engagement and participation of fewer opportunity people in VET and increase employability opportunities and promote new roles in companies through CSR. Also, it aims to increase the awareness of educational situations, especially vocational education, on social responsibility.
Creativity & Culture FASHIORATION An in-depth research into the Balkans rich tradition of traditional costumes and techniques.
Creativity & Culture HEDA project An innovative method to approach social and civic education in secondary education through theatre, theatre techniques and generally through art
Citizenship Education REMEDY Conflict is an integral part of human nature. In our daily lives, conflict can be an obstacle, or a means to go forward, if it is transformed. This online course aims to provide the theory and tools that are necessary for a youth worker who wants to use the techniques of mediation in their work with young people, with the goal of conflict transformation.
Entrepreneurship & Business DIGINILOGS Digitalization in Logistics
Citizenship Education SEEVAL Social and Emotional Education Building inclusive schools and ownership of values
Social Inclusion Art for Social Inclusion Empower artists and other professionals to work effectively with individuals in difficult healthcare areas using art as a tool.