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EFE – Equality Future in Europe

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The project will develop practical and theoretical tools to support disabled people in the workplace.


Disability from light to severe affects one in six people in the European Union, about 80 million people that often do not have the possibility to participate fully in social and economic life due to behavioural and environmental barriers. Too many people whit disabilities feel remote from their communities, civil institutions and policies that affect their daily and future lives.

The poverty rate relating to persons with disabilities it is 70% higher than the average, partly due to limited access to employment. Only 59.7% of people with disabilities in the EU are economically active, compared to 82.2% of people without disabilities, which suggests that there are significant obstacles to accessing the former to the labor market.

In gender terms, the employment rate of women with disabilities (45.9%) was only slightly lower than that of men with disabilities (50.6%) while the situation was reversed in some Member States. Those who are employed report much less frequently than they feel excluded from society than long-term unemployed respondents or those who are unable to work because of disability.


SECTION 1: HOST ORGANIZATIONS (companies, SMEs, public institutions, NGOs, etc)