Course title: HEDA project

Short Description:

An innovative method to approach social and civic education in secondary education through theatre, theatre techniques and generally through art


HEDA project attempts to develop a comprehensive methodology for teaching social and political education, (Citizenship) in Secondary Education through Art (Theater-theatrical Techniques, Cinema, Painting, etc.).
HEDA project intends to cultivate and develop the abilities and sensitivity of young people in relation to their social behaviors, their social relationships, their social and political rights, as members of an organized, democratic, contemporary and modern society based on humanitarian values.
The HEDA project is well aware that the proposals it makes largely require another type of school and education, based on other structures, and with other qualitative and technical characteristics.
The people who have worked on it are under no illusion that the modern school must abandon its passive character of the type: the teacher knows and teaches, and the pupils passively listen, learn, memorise and evaluate. We know as well that a learning process such as the one we propose cannot be done in the 45 minutes of teaching time that is normally the norm in modern schools. A learning process based on the activation of students and their functions (inquiry, imagination, sensitivity, critical thinking and dealing with complex situations) needs more time and “comfort” to work and bear fruit.

Course Lessons:

1.Theoretical Framework

2.The HEDA Method. Step by step            

3.Case Studies


Language: EN